PU coated
Optimal control
Pre stretched

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Kiteline spools


35Kg white no no
50Kg white no no
75Kg white no yes
100KG white no yes
150Kg white no yes
200KG white no yes
300Kg white no yes



50Kg lime yes yes
75Kg red yes yes
100Kg yellow yes yes
150Kg fluor blue yes yes
170Kg grey yes yes
200Kg fluor blue yes yes
200Kg green yes yes
300Kg fluor blue yes yes
300Kg fluor red yes yes
375Kg orange yes yes
375Kg fluor blue yes yes
550Kg fluor red yes yes



Vector kite bag

The Vector kitebag is specially designed by international sport kite champion Stephen Versteegh and offers plenty of storage space for multiple sportkites and their neccesary accessories.


Vector Kitebag


  • 500D water resistant outer Fabric
  • Organizer pocket on top
  • Heavily padded inside yet lightweight design
  • Easy grab zipper pulls
  • Padded carry handle & padded shoulder strap
  • Mesh pockets for line sets, handles and other accessories


Sleeve line spools

Note that the strength indication is NOT the breaking strength of the sleeve line but the Vector line it will fit. 


Suitable forColourLength
35 > 100Kg lines red / white 100m
35 > 100Kg lines blue / white 100m
100 > 200Kg lines red / white 100m
100 > 200Kg lines blue / white 100m
200 > 550Kg lines red / white 100m
200 > 550Kg lines blue / white 100m


Sleeve sets

All pre fabricated sleeve sets consist out of 4 pre-cut sleeves (2 of each colour) of roughly 35cm and a sleeving needle.


35 > 100Kg red / white 100m
35 > 100Kg blue / white 100m
100 > 200Kg red / white 100m
100 > 200Kg blue / white 100m
200 > 550Kg red / white 100m
200 > 550Kg blue / white 100m