PU coated
Optimal control
Pre stretched

Vector Colour

Dual line sets


Vector kitelines are available in a variety of different lengths and breaking strengths for all types of kiting.

From lightwind trick kiting to hardcore kiteboarding, Vector has the lines to match your needs.


The Vector Colour range consists of 2-line sets with knotted sleeves for easy length adjustments.


50Kg lime - 2x25m 2x30m
75Kg red 2x20m 2x25m 2x30m
110Kg yellow 2x20m 2x25m 2x30m
170Kg grey 2x20m 2x25m 2x30m
210Kg blue 2x20m 2x35m 2x30m
270Kg grey 2x20m 2x25m 2x30m


50kg lime 75kg red 110kg yellow 170kg grey 210kg blue 270kg grey 


Vector Quad pro

4-line sets


The Vector Quad Pro range consists of 4-line sets with stitched sleeves for a smooth finish.


170/75Kg grey/red 4x15m 4x17,5m 4x20m 4x25m - 4x30m
210/110Kg blue/yellow 4x15m 4x17,5m 4x20m 4x25m - 4x30m
300/110Kg blue/yellow 4x15m 4x17,5m 4x20m - - -
375/375Kg blue/orange - 4x17,5m 4x20m 4x25m 4x27m 4x30m
500/375Kg red/blue - - 4x20m 4x25m 4x27m -


170/75kg red/grey 210/110kg blue/yellow 300/110kg blue/yellow 375/375kg orange/blue 500/375kg red/blue